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Founded by Bernard Ionescu in 2007, DKE is a design studio based in Montreal, Canada, which offers a full package of visual identity, broadcast design and motion graphics.

DKE designs cutting edge graphics for broadcast television and real time graphics.

With 10 years experience in this field the studio can give you the very best of its expertise to brand or rebrand your channel or integrate your actual graphics with Vizrt software.

DKE is specialized in design for Weather Graphics, Elections, Sport, Business,Virtual studio Sets design, Interactive graphics, and off-air productions.

From the paper to your TV screen, the agency follows and guides you to have the best image by taking design objectives and directives and translating them into effective and impressive graphics and design.DKE believes in direct client-creative communication in order to deliver compelling and creative design.

Launching client's brands to higher levels is DKE’s objective.

JAN 2015 | Doha, Qatar
Vizrt advanced training for AlJazeera team.
DEC 2014 | Beijing, China
Dreambox hire Bernard to train CCTV design team.
FEB 2014 | Texas, U.S.A
Astucemedia hire DKE to create the design for "Big Hoss TV," the largest High-Definition LED video board in the world..
Oct 2014 | Johannesburg, South Africa
Never.No and DKE provide the social media graphics for Big brother Africa .
Nov 2014 | Auckland, New Zeeland
Never.No and DKE provide a interactive solution for TVZN elections
FEB 2013 | Boston, U.S.A
Vizrt Integration for National Boston.
AUG 2012 | Boston, U.S.A
Vizrt Integration for National Boston in their rebrand project for an entire chain of Tv stations across USA.
JULY 2012 | United Arab Emirates
Design Integration for Skynews Arabia

What clients said

National Boston


Bernard is an extremely talented Vizrt designer who provides an unparalleled level of design capability to the broadcast industry.
We continue to work with him on this project and look forward to working with him again on future Viz projects.
I would highly recommend Bernard to any network looking for a top-notch Viz designer.

Laura Yellen | Executive Producer National Boston

Bernard came on board in the middle of a large and complex project,
and immediately brought us to a much higher level of execution.
He made a somewhat cumbersome process straightforward and enjoyable, and his work is beautiful.
Best of all, he made our clients very, very happy.
I would hire Bernard again in a heartbeat.

Wynelle Evans | Executive producer Evans/McNamara


DKE is a great partner for Astucemedia
He always helped Astucemedia in broadcast projects providing graphic design, on site training and integration.

Alexandre Leclerc, CEO at Astucemedia


Bernard is very creative and visionary designer with proven ability to bring his ideas to work. He executes his projects with great passion and dedication. He has remarcable ability to provide quality work even for extremely time-critical projects. He knows also how to motivate his team in a very natural and casual manner.

George Moraru, Regional Manager, VIZRT
Golden Era Productions


We hired Bernard to get us off the ground with VIZRT when we first started using the program.
Bernard set up our machines, configured the programs and trained our staff.
Bernard worked with us for many months creating templates, designing beautiful graphics and streamlining our workflow.
Where we once had no idea what we were doing, we're now up to speed, our staff know the program inside and out and we're on the cutting edge. Without DKE, we would never have gotten there.
DKE was a tremendous asset to our production.

Jon Stumbke
Golden Era Graphics producer


DKE inc is a truly creative agency, they completly captured the essence of a marketing message and transform it into visuals.
They know as well how to understand your visions.

Olivier Cohen CEO Hybrid


Because ProTV had at that time five TV channels, DKE had to work with different concepts, each based on the specific line of communication of the channel itself. Although the ProTV's television identity is based on a rather different communication concept than the 'classical' advertising concepts of its main competitors, DKE adapted itself very quickly to the new conditions and soon had remarkable achievements. Therefore, I fully recommend DKE for any similar project.

Florin Urlateanu, GFX Producer, PROTV SA


I would highly recommend DKE to anyone who is trying to implement VizRt into their station graphics. Bernard not only helped us bring our designs to life, but trained us along the way. He spent many long hours tirelessly working on our re-design,testing and making adjustments while answering our endless questions. The end result was everything we'd hoped for our graphics, a clean, modern look with all the animation bells, whistles and technical elements working together seamlessly. He left us confident in our abilities to go forward on our own.

Arne Jensen Design Director WBZ / WSBK Boston